All About Our Brand New Site

blog_november2015Hayward has celebrated a milestone of launching a brand new site. The Chief Executive Officer, Bill Hayward said, “As a forward thinking company, we’re excited to have a website that reflects who we are and highlights the innovative products and solutions that make us unique.”

The website features a modern design that is easy to navigate as well as easy to use. The website also features large images that we like to call, “Hero Images”. They’re called hero images because they bring actual customers and employees of Hayward into the spotlight and put the focus on them, which is what Hayward is built on: our hardworking people and our valued customers. Not only boasting a modern design, the new site utilizes quick access to store location, personnel, and detailed information about a wide range of products beyond lumber. These products include windows, doors, cabinets, ventilation systems, waterproofing solutions, and Hayward’s proprietary Fast Floor, a pre-cut floor joist system that saves builders time and money. The new lumber site also showcases innovative solutions including the newly launched Hayward Healthy Home.

When we ventured out to build a new Hayward Lumber site we wanted to build a comprehensive network for the customer to understand the range of building products, services, and solutions. To achieve this, the site has an improved structure, search navigation, and a standardized menu. There is a detailed calendar of upcoming events like Hayward’s weekly product knowledge seminars and special in-store events as up to date company and industry news, including information on key issues of interest like minimizing. There are also dedicated sections for different types of customers including: builders, architects, and homeowners. This makes it easy for each type of customer to quickly access relevant product and service information.

Hayward has been supplying lumber, building materials, services, and solutions to the construction market since 1919. As the years go on new technology and higher industry standards are constantly being created and achieved. As a forward thinking company, Hayward Lumber is proud to move forward with the industry and launch our brand new site. Check out all of the new features now…