Be Prepared For the El Nino Storms

With the imminent risk of El Nino storms coming to California, many contractors and residents are thinking seriously about how to protect their jobsites or their homes from water damage. Climatologists put the probability of an El Nino year at 95% and emphasize that Californians should expect mudslides, heavy rainfall, and a conveyor belt of one storm after another through the season, rivaling two of the most powerful El Nino’s on record.

Hayward Lumber has a wide variety Job site mud 10-7-15of products that can help you protect your jobsite, home and property, even in the rainiest weather.  Taking steps to control jobsite water issues, waterproofing your home, maintaining your roof and gutters, and inspecting your windows and doors are all great ways to keep yourself rain-prepared with Hayward Lumber.

For contractors, controlling jobsite water issues is always important, especially during periods of wet weather. Wattles, sandbags, and silt fences all become even more critical as the frequency and volume of rain increases in an El Nino year.   Contractors who are properly prepared are less likely to have to stop working because of the rain and will be able to work longer during the rainy season.  Contractors should also consider taking material deliveries early, in conjunction with any break in the weather, and they should store material on the job site so that it is not damaged by water.

For homeowners, the first step in making sure your home is waterproof is to do a thorough inspection of doors and windows. Indoor caulking and sealants lose efficacy over time with natural wear. On a dry day, check around windows and doors to see if you notice any air flowing freely around edges or through cracks. If wind can get in, so can rain. Another method is to gently jostle closed windows and doors and listen for rattling sounds that can indicate potential for a leak.  You might also consider hiring a professional to test your water pipes to detect leaks, high pressure points, or other vulnerable areas.

This is also a good time to check around the house for other signs of leaks like water stains on walls, floors, or ceilings or a musty, moldy odor.  If you notice any of these things, you might need to bring in a professional to identify the source of the leak if it isn’t immediately apparent.  Repair all leaks as soon as possible. A little maintenance now can save you having to make more significant repairs down the road if damage from severe leaks of flooding occurs.

Outdoor caulks and sealants as well as those around pipes, in the walls or crawlspaces, can also deteriorate over time.  Managing sealants outside of your home plays a major role in preventing basement leaks and keeping foundations from shifting. Other steps to take outdoors include removing leaves and debris from gutters, clearing storm drains and drainage areas, and making needed roof repairs. Also, make sure that gutter downspouts drain away from your homes’ foundation and doesn’t pool against it.

Whether you are protecting your home or your jobsite, doing-it-yourself or hiring professional help, it’s easy to get ready for the rainy season at Hayward Lumber. Our expert staff is available to answer questions, recommend products, and suggest solutions. Stop in to any of our stores to get your jobsite and your home ready for the rainy season.

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