Fast Floor Benefits

The Fast Floor system has been approved and used by many efficient companies as a new technique that can effectively boost productions in any building project. There are many dependable companies that have the lumber projects to make the Fast Floor systems such as Weyerhaeuser products. The Fast Floor system has many benefits that can prove to be a positive installation for many of the people involved.

Fast Floor is a pre-cut floor system that is used on new houses, remodels, and second floors. Since the pieces come pre-marked and pre-cut, the builder only has to match up the pieces together for installation. They come in specific packages for the project strait to the job site. Those that are familiar with the system or ones that are new can take the Fast Floor that gets delivered and start installation immediately on the project. This system is so simple and quick to use that less people are needed to install it, and they do not have to already have job experience with the Fast Floor to help with the installation.

When Fast Floors are used on projects that are residential or commercial, the customer, the city, and your builders all benefit from their use. The customer is able to watch their project get completed at a faster and more efficient pace. Since the Fast Floor materials do not require any sizing, it means that the surrounding area stays cleaner, and there is no debris for the city to get angry about. Using Weyerhaeuser lumber can also improve the strength of the Fast Floor, while keeping structure quality in the required dimensions for the project. It proves to be a good system for tight spaces or cramped job site. Also, you as the company benefits from the time efficiency and the satisfaction from their clients.

The actual benefits from the Fast Floor system do save you a lot of money, time, and it also makes you look better as a business. Since the pieces of wood are ordered in bulk and don’t need pre-cutting, and the process can use less employees, you save money on your project overall. The quick puzzle-like installation of pre-marked lumber saves you a lot of time by reducing the number of actual project days. Last but not least, being so efficient as a company makes you look better to inspectors as well.

Any builders that can use the Fast Floor system can benefit from saved time, happy customers, and the efficiency that results in your project. Many framing structures have diminished in quality overtime, yet Weyerhaeuser keeps an outstanding reputation of giving any structure guaranteed strength and efficiency with their lumber products. This system is very versatile, that can be used in custom housing, multi-story projects, apartment buildings, and low-income housing.

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