Is It Time to Shed Your Stuff?

Shed Barn StyleWhile portable storage buildings also known as storage sheds, used to be comprised a simplistic square design with a wooden floor and tin walls, Hayward Lumber offers unique outdoor building designs that incorporate an array of styles, sizes, and colors. A customized shed can help resolve storage issues while providing additional functionality to your home. These modern sheds can be built by the purchaser with aide from a fool proof frame kit or assembled at their residence by our professionals. Our economical, customized storage buildings come in the following options:

Bunk House Style
Featuring a covered porch, this option resembles a large playhouse. The bunk house style shed offers a quaint one-room plan that is large enough for minimal storage, yet easy enough for most buyers to assemble themselves within a short amount of time.

Lean-To Style
The lean-to style shed is ideal for larger outdoor items. A perfect storage space for yard items, tools, and equipment, the lean-to style shed offers a dry storage area within close proximity to your home. Potential clients can opt to set this shed up next to a house or as a stand-alone structure.

Barn Style
One of the more popular options, the barn-style shed can be made to mimic this characteristic barnyard structure. Offering a spacious area for lawnmower, tote, and equipment storage, this plan also leaves room for a small work area. Many clients often opt for windows, siding, or rafters with this shed floor plan.

Small House Style
A picturesque version of a miniature farmhouse, the small house style boasts a wide array of options and upgrades while providing a quaint living area. One of the more economical options, the small house is perfect for those that need an extra room for children or visitors. Siding, porches, shelving, flower boxes, and various paint types are common enhancements for this floor plan.

Large House Style
For those seeking more room, the large house style is similar to its “small” version relative. An enlarged version of the previous option, the large house style is designed for larger storage and can accommodate higher weight restrictions.

Breezeway Barn Style
This elongated shed option incorporates indoor storage/living with a large outdoor space for outside storage or entertaining. This floor plan can be broken up to create a series of smaller storage rooms or it can remain open to create a spacious storage area.

Customized storage sheds are the perfect option for adding additional storage space to any home. Close proximity, portability, and upgrades make each shed unique to clientele needs. Our sheds are easy to assemble, simple to maintain, and functional.