James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding The Best Value in Construction

James Hardy Fiber Board SidingThe outside of your home is the first thing people see and a great looking exterior takes work.  New homes and re-sale homes all have essentially the same types of siding.  They are wood, stucco, vinyl, stone and brick.  Each have tradeoffs related to cost looks, durability and maintenance.  There is a new type of siding that gives you everything you ever wanted in siding.  Fiber Cement siding combines all the advantages with no real tradeoffs.

Fiber Cement siding gives you a great looking home, is affordable and fits into most budgets, fiber cement is very durable and is a low maintenance product.  Fiber Cement siding comes in a variety of styles and looks.  You may be considering a remodel in a historic neighborhood or building a contemporary looking home either there is more than likely a style to fix your needs.  Another great advantage is that the siding can easily be painted like any other siding.  You have to admit no matter where you live if you are going to do vinyl siding your home will stand out like a sore thumb.  With Fiber Cement siding your home looks like it belongs and maintains the home original beauty and charm. Home much does it really cost?  The brick institute did a study where they compared the costs per square foot do put siding on a $250,000.  Vinyl cost $3 per square foot, Cement Fiber Siding cost $4.43 and Brick cost $6.39.  You can really see that Cement Fiber Siding is a great value.

The cost of Fiber Cement siding is very reasonable while it may cost more than standard siding it comes in at a price that is very competitive to vinyl siding.  This means you get the beauty, durability and low maintenance of the cement siding at a price that is close to what vinyl siding costs.  When you factor additional energy savings you are now ahead over a period of time.  Fiber Cement siding should not be considered a do it yourself type of project it is recommended that a professional install your siding.  Consider though that vinyl siding is usually installed by professionals for the best look on a home and you still come out ahead in the long run.

Durability of any new home or remodel product used should always be considered.  What will last the longest, look the best and be the most affordable. This is where Fiber Cement Siding comes out way ahead.  Traditional siding looks rough over a short period of time and does not hold up to even average weather.  If you consider that over the life of your home it will see some extreme weather there is no question that Fiber Cement Siding is the way to go.

Maintenance is always a big deal, you want the best looking home for the lowest effort on your part.  This is another area were Fiber Cement siding really stands out.  Vinyl siding will eventually fade even with UV protection.  Stucco can be susceptible to mold and needs touching up.  Standard siding just does not hold up the same and degrades over time.  Each product has a down side but Cement Fiber gives you the advantages of standard siding in repair and replacement with a durability that just can’t be matched.  When you consider that you can paint it to match any part of your home the ease of maintenance really holds up.  Consider to that Fiber Cement Siding ads a degree of fire resistance to your home that is not available with standard siding and vinyl siding.

There is no question that you should always consider what the best choice is for your home and what gives you the best value for your dollar.  Hayward Lumber invites you to talk to your Hayward Representative to see if you qualify for special pricing.