Managing Moisture In The Home

Many people go about their daily lives not really pondering how humidity or lack thereof can be harmful to your family and your home. Hayward Healthy Homes is all about keeping a beautiful home healthy as well as happy. Since humidity – or lack of it – can present a hazard to your health,  it would be insightful to know how it affects your home, why it can be dangerous, and how you should prevent it.

Humidity can come from just about anything in your home. Cooking, cleaning, bathing, and even breathing can all add humidity. The simple process of photosynthesizing from house plants also add to overall humidity buildup in your home, along with the upkeep of loved pets. Buildings that have contact with the soil can be in danger from moisture seepage into the foundation. A healthy humidity percentage for people and for wood floor interiors is around 30-50%. This may require the installation of a humidifier if you live in a particularly dry region.

Some might think that humidity is not actually a harmful thing in your home, but here’s why it is. With the increase of moisture in the home, you have the increased chance that mold spores have the ability to grow in the home. The spores are unhealthy in any form, and can become dangerous. Along with your health, moisture also can have an effect on the durability of wood in the home. Wood expands and contracts with the addition or removal of moisture. It is also possible that your home is too dry, causing cracking for the contraction of wood panels or floorboards.

Sources of moisture that can be targeted to specific rooms include the bathroom, the laundry room, and even possibly the kitchen. If that is the case, a high quality exhaust fan should be installed next to or in the room. You want to look for equipment that has been energy-star rated for quality and durability, and should have a sound rating lower than 1.0. A quiet, small vent fan can significantly reduce the amount of moisture in the air, which is especially important for rooms with high moisture content. Humidity-balancing systems can help your woods floors from becoming too moist, or too dry.

No  matter what climate you may be living in, it is important to have a balance in the level of humidity throughout your home. The benefits of doing so now will prove to help your health in the years to come by remaining aware of the home’s humidity levels, and how to prevent excess moisture.

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