Nail Gun Safety

Roofing26132593_sNail guns can be a very important tool in the box for DIY experts or construction professionals. At Hayward Lumber we have discovered some tips and trick for maintaining the best safety while using a nail gun.  They are great time conservers and are easier to use then a hammer and nail. However, since they are heavy-duty handheld machines, the consumer should still be very careful with their use. Proper precautions should be taken so that no one, including passersby, get hurt. Anyone who uses a nail gun in any way can still benefit from keeping themselves up to date with the correct operation procedures needed to use a nail gun.

Even a simple tool such as a point-and-click nail gun can still be dangerous. Pulling the trigger can cause the tip of the nail to leave the barrel of the gun, piercing the material that it is placed over; however most nail guns have compression heads built into them. This means that they only fully discharge the nail if it is pressed against a hard surface, reducing the risk of accidental misfiring. It would be difficult to nail into something that you did not intentionally mean to nail down.

Even with proper training, professionals still encourage the use of safety equipment. Here are a few key pieces of equipment that should be used at all times when handling a nail gun .

  • Safety glasses or goggles with protective side shields
  • A construction-worthy hard hat
  • Sturdy work boots

Before you begin, make sure that any parts of your clothes are not baggy or loose. Keep any part that is attached to you away from the tip of the nail gun. A lot of nail gun related injuries happen from the user not paying attention to their position with the nail gun. Keep your work zone clear of debris, any loose tools, and any cords or wires that could be a tripping hazard. Do not try to use the gun when your stance is not steady or if you feel unbalanced. Also always take the time to find the most comfortable and effective position for using the nail gun.

With a compressor-powered nail gun, you should never move the gun system without transporting it to another area without disconnecting the hose and making sure it is fully turned off. The same is true for electric guns; disconnect any additional cords, and completely power down the device. Keep track of the cords while you are working so that they do not get tangled and so you or anyone in the area do not trip.

Before even touching a nail gun, it is recommended that you learn about it and its operation before its use. You might want to become familiar with the model of nail gun that you would use if you are not used to the model. Test out how far the nail will gun and test how much resistance the trigger has. If not, then you could accidently pull the trigger too many times, firing out too many nails and leading to a potential jam.
In the case that a jam actually occurs, make sure that it is completely off and powered down, and completely disconnect the hose from the gun. Let all air escape from the compressor hose before attempting to clear the jam. With any electric models, after turning off the gun remove the battery before investigating the jam. Sometimes getting a visual on the jam is difficult, and rather than putting yourself in danger, contact the manufacturer for help if you cannot clear it yourself.

These are a few helpful tips that Hayward Lumber has found to maintain nail gun safety. Hayward is always striving to meet and exceed the needs of builders and our customers which always includes keeping our clients safe when using any type of building equipment or tools.