New Exterior Siding Option Redefines Architectural Integrity

James Hardie Artisan Rustic Siding

James Hardie Artisan Rustic Siding

Discerning builders and homeowners often have to choose between aesthetics and performance when selecting building materials. Often capturing the rich history of California design – minimalism with timeless appeal – meant sacrificing performance and innovation. With the addition of Artisan® V-Rustic siding to its fiber cement siding product line, leading siding manufacturer James Hardie, has combined the historic look and beauty of wood siding with the durability and high-performance of a fiber cement siding product and redefined architectural integrity.

Beautiful and durable

Artisan® V-Rustic Premium Exterior Siding captures the essence of the true California “relaxed but stylish look” with engaging shadows and clean contemporary lines. Not only is it historically accurate for most home designs but it is also engineered to provide long-lasting beauty. Engineered to withstand harsh environmental conditions, Artisan® V-Rustic sets the standard for durability and resists damaging heavy moisture and sea air, sunlight, fire, and penetrating winds. Artisan® V-Rustic also provides an extremely stable surface for maximum paint performance and an innovative Lock Joint system which creates beautiful and seamless joints without visible nail holes.

Superior to wood and plastic-based siding products

Artisan® V-Rustic is the result of many years of development from one of the largest research and development facilities dedicated solely to fiber cement technology. This research has led to advanced product design and manufacturing methods that make Artisan® V-Rustic superior to wood and plastic-based siding products resulting in annual cost savings and reduced overall maintenance. Artisan siding products:

  • Provide better fire protection by resisting the spread of flame.
  • Resist cracking, shrinking, warping, and swelling to minimize maintenance.
  • Improve moisture protection by eliminating visible nail holes.
  • Enhance paint performance by supporting long-lasting paint adhesion and improving resistance to fading, chipping, and cracking with climate-tested primer
  • Provide superior resistance to insect damage, fungal decay, and weather.


Contractor benefits

Artisan® V-Rustic saves contractors time and money with the innovative new Lock Joint system that allows a faster and cleaner installation. In addition, this premium exterior siding combines strong aesthetic appeal with increased durability and workability, paint adhesion, resistance to environmental elements, and superior performance versus wood or plastic resulting in customers who are more satisfied both in the short- and long-term.

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