Should I go all out when buying kitchen Cabinets?

Photo Courtesy of Crystal Kitchen CabinetsExperts all agree that when considering a remodel of your existing home, the kitchen provides the highest value for your money.  According to HGTV and Real Estate experts you can expect to get 60% to 120% of the money you have spent back in increased value of your home.  That is why this makes the kitchen a great place to start. Kitchen cabinets are one of the purchases that can improve the look and livability of your home. The question is, should you go all out with top of the line kitchen cabinets, or should you be more conservative?  The answer lies in knowing your home and your future plans.  No matter what your remodeling plans are, you can be certain that the Hayward Lumber Design Center can help you pick the right choices for your new kitchen.  Let’s look at the following areas to get a more clear answer.

Kitchen Cabinets have come a long way over the years, there are so many styles and specialty features.  You can get great value and livability even in a small kitchen.  If the home you’re in, is one you are planning on staying in for some time, then it can be a good investment to get the highest quality of cabinets at the best price.  Top quality construction, high quality wood, and cabinet hardware make a big difference in the wear of your new kitchen. There are so many specialized cabinets that you can get exactly the custom kitchen you want. What if you’re not sure how long you’ll be in your home?   Keep in mind the more you spend the less value you may see in the value of your home.  Also remember there are so many specialized cabinet features, that you may customize your choices to the point that you’re the only one that this kitchen will fit.  If you feel that this is by no means a home you will be in for an extended period of time, then make choices that not only work for you but also the next home owner.  This means picking cabinets that reflect the price point of the home at a price that fits your budget.  As far as specialized cabinets keep these to a minimum.  Your choices should provide the best value in livability.

Choosing the style of cabinet based on the style of the home is also important. If you feel that you may need to move in the next few years, then make choices that make the home an easy resale.   Let’s say you own a historic California Bungalow style home. Pick a kitchen cabinet style that everyone can see in that type of a home.  If you own a modern style home then pick cabinets that fits that style.  Match your needs to what most people would expect to be in your style of home.  If you have a more modern home then pick what matches the décor without going too extreme.  Style and taste are individual so make a choice that fits the widest amount of home owners and buyers in this price range.  If this is your dream, home then pick what makes you happy.  Your choices are always going to fit your needs and taste, and may not add that much value but it is your home after all.

Picking cabinets based on the value of the home can be a touchy subject.  Again if you are not planning to live in the home for an extended time, pick according to the value of the home in that neighborhood then bump it up a little bit from there. The sale of a home is competitive, so you want the best priced home that shows better than the competition without breaking the bank.  If your home is a high priced custom home again buy the cabinets that home buyers would expect to see.  This may be a time where going all out will pay off.

The right cabinets that will always make your kitchen look better. Picking the right cabinets that will increase the value of your home depends on your tastes and how long you plan on staying in your home.