Solar Powered Generators for the Job Site

Advantages of Solar Generators for the Job Site
You may be wondering if a solar powered generator is right for you. Solar generators that are made for commercial construction are tough and provide the power needed on a job site. Imagine no more worries about fuel, noise or pollution. Hayward Lumber works with a variety of eco friendly companies and programs. The solar powered generator is a great idea worth considering at your next job site.

Why Go Solar?
Solar power is good for the environment, for it is a clean energy source. Unlike gas or coal, solar power does not produce emissions that contribute to air pollution. Solar power also helps with water conservation; solar panels use over 16 times less water than do coal power plants and over 20 times less water per kWh of electricity than do nuclear power plants. That’s a vital point, particularly in places like California that have been plagued by water shortages.

Solar power is also quiet. Solar panels don’t have moving parts that make a lot of noise, and they therefore don’t interfere with communication on the job-site. If you’re working in a residential neighborhood a solar powered generator can be a job saver. Neighbors will not complain about the generator constantly running all night.

A frequent charge against solar power is that it’s not reliable simply because the sun does not always shine. Solar generators, however, do not rely solely on the sun. They can be charged by grid power, or with a traditional generator, on those days when the sun does not shine. Furthermore, they have few moving parts, which decreases the chances of something breaking. Solar panels and generators are now so reliable that many companies offer 25-year warranties on them. There are even some installations that were built 50 years ago, and are still producing electricity.

While the original cost for a solar generator is higher than some petroleum generators, the return on the investment is quickly realized. Since sunlight is free, the solar generator will start to pay for itself after a few years. The prices of buying, installing and maintaining solar installations will also be more stable than the prices of fossil fuel power plants, as fossil fuel prices can fluctuate wildly. Since solar generators don’t break down as often as fossil fuel generators, they are much less expensive to maintain.

The solar generators boast panels that are designed to withstand one-inch hail at 90 mph, industrial-grade forklift batteries, and sturdy power inverters built to withstand even the harshest conditions. Given all that, the solar generators will keep operating for decades.

Good for business
Owning a solar generator marks a business owner as somebody who cares about the environment, and that can attract customers who also care about the environment. Some solar generators are also quite eye-catching, and attracting attention for the right reasons can only help a business.

Solar generators are quite safe. They will not harm the devices running off of them. They will not hurt that expensive laptop or power tool.