Summer means deck season!

Summertime is deck season. This is the time of year many people build (or re-build) the deck they’ve always wanted.  While redwood is the traditional “standard” for decks in California, there are many other good material choices for decks include composite decking, hardwood decking, and thermally treated decking so you can be sure to get the deck of your dreams.

Redwood continues to be the most popular choice when it comes to decking lumber in Northern California. Hayward stocks redwood decking in Deck Heart and Construction Heart grades. We can also supply Deck Common, Construction Common, or any other redwood grade within a day or two. Grade choice is really based on individual considerations of cost versus appearance as all redwood decking is grown in California and is non-toxic, making it ideal for bare feet and hands. Redwood is easy to work with and you’ll find 2 x 6 Redwood deck boards up to 20’ in length, as well as the sizes needed to build redwood railings in stock at Hayward.


Another good choice is composite decking, which is manufactured out of plastic or from a combination of plastic and wood fibers. This low maintenance material resists rot, insect damage, mold, fading and staining.  Composite decking offers the option of installing using a hidden fastener system or a traditional visible screw system. The hidden fastener system provides a smooth, fastener-free surface, as well as easy installation. Hayward carries TimberTech composite decking.  Striking colors and rich graining give it the look of wood and the protective surface keeps it easy to clean and maintain ensuring enduring beauty backed by a 20-year limited warranty.

Hardwood decking is some of the strongest and most durable wood available. Hayward sells ipe, mangaris, machiche and a wide variety of other tropical woods that can be used for decks. Ipe, for example, is an exotic hardwood that is used to create some of the most durable decking boards. This type of wood is naturally resistant to rot, termites, and fire and has earned a top durability rating of 25 plus years in some commercial applications. Ipe decking lumber comes in lengths ranging from 8 to 20 feet. Ipe is extremely dense, weighing 69 lbs per cu. ft. compared to other woods, which typically weigh just 28 lbs per cu. ft.

Finally, thermally treated wood is a relatively new choice available for building decks. Hayward stocks Pakari, a thermally modified clear, moulding grade radiata pine product with an exotic hardwood appearance. It is straighter, lighter, and more durable than unmodified wood and is also insect and decay resistant.

Regardless of your material choice for a deck pressure-treated lumber, which resists rot and decay, is a good choice for building the deck substructure, where the wood is in and/or under the ground. Virtually any size and length you may need for your project is in stock at Hayward.

As always, practice safe and healthy installation of decks. The sawdust from pressure-treated wood and other woods can be an irritant, so wear a dust mask and eye protection at all times.  Sawdust can also be an irritant as well, so be sure to cut wood over heavy, disposable tarps to keep dust contained and make cleanup easier. Choose non-toxic, zero- or low-VOC wood stains and sealants to make a deck that is beautiful, durable, and healthy.

If your customers are ready to build decks, now is the perfect time. The decking materials listed above are some of the many choices that Hayward Lumber can help you evaluate, so that your customers can enjoy their decks throughout the summer and fall.

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