Understanding Your Door Options

The doors in a home aren’t one size fits all. Rather, each one is designed to fill a specific need for an interior or exterior transition.

Exterior / Entry Doors
Doors on the outside of a home need to stand up to quite a bit of use and abuse. After all, the materials will face harsh elements, need to provide home security, and look great at the same time. Because exterior doors need to be durable, they are generally made of wood, steel, and fiberglass. Additionally, front doors tend to be more decorative, and thus expensive, over side exterior doors.

Interior Doors
While there is a lot of variety in exterior doors, there’s even more for interior doors. Cheaper doors have hollow cores, but custom made creations can add charm and beauty to any space.

While interior doors can be made out of just about anything, MDF, or medium density fiberboard) is a very common material. This is because MDF is durable, easy to paint, and won’t warp like wood. Additionally, MDF is very versatile; it can be made into basic doors, a traditional design, or into something totally unique. Other times, however, a wood veneer is placed over MDF to create a beautiful, but affordable, solid wood door.

Something important to note is sound transfer. Many families would like a quieter home, and hollow doors don’t muffle noise very well. However, their affordability makes hollow doors very common. This is because two facings are placed on a wood frame. This saves on material, but creates a flimsy door.

Patio Doors
Patio doors are frequently placed in the exterior door category, but their purpose is completely different. Exterior doors are designed to provide security or privacy. Patio doors, on the other hand, are designed to bring the outdoors into the home. After all, patio doors are designed to contain as much glass as possible, they are wider, and they are frequently sliding as opposed to hinged.

Because patio doors have so much glass, it’s important to look at the energy efficiency of each unit. After all, buying the cheapest door may cost more in the long run through higher utility bills. However, they can make a room appear much larger; especially with sliding or french patio doors.

When choosing a patio door, it’s important to think about space as well as the room’s use. Sliding doors don’t take up as much room. Additionally, sliding doors can come with a screen door. However, many homeowners just can’t pass up the charm french doors will bring to their space.