What Home Improvements Build Equity In Your Home?

42699803_sIn the world of remodels and home improvements some get frustrated because you may upgrade your home aesthetically but you don’t see the results in your wallet with the turnaround equity. What improvements can you make to your home that will increase property value?

  1. Indoor Systems.
    The first thing to know about improving your home is that the price of your home starts with the bones. Major systems of your home include plumbing, heating, electrical and sewer systems, to name a few.
  2. Make your kitchen feel like it is gourmet.
    You will be able to see the benefits even with the addition of some modest improvements to your kitchen. Whether it is a facelift to the appliances, or stone countertops, many buyers see the kitchen as the heart of their home. Even by re-sanding and painting old cabinets to give them a fresh new look, can improve the kitchen’s overall aesthetic.
  3. Add an extra bathroom.
    Adding an extra bathroom that features a nice tub, vanity, and counter tops pretty much pays for itself in the turnaround of selling your home.
  4. New windows.
    Not only can new windows improve the curb appeal of your home but it improves your utility bill. Stay away from anything customized, like bay windows, or fancy shapes, from the street you can’t see these high end improvements so ultimately will go overlooked, meaning money down the drain.
  5. Basic Improvements
    Making the basic improvements may be boring but in the long run if someone walks into your home and there is a leaky roof but a beautiful kitchen, your home will be over looked. This is because things like roofing, plumbing and structural issues scare buyers away.

For any of your home improvement needs, Hayward Lumber is here to assist you. More than just lumber, we focus on our customer’s satisfaction and utilize smart building techniques to benefit the environment and your budget.