What is the Difference Between All These Green Programs?

Hayward Lumber is a forward thinking green company; there’s no doubt about it. However, there are so many environmental initiatives and green programs that it can be hard to keep them all straight. There is a lot of information out there to research, but fortunately there are companies like Hayward Lumber who can help you find the best and most environmentally responsible materials that conform to the standards of the many green programs. Here is a guide to some of the green programs that set standards and make recommendations concerning building materials and methods:
United States Green Building Council

This is a large group with 12,870 member organizations based out of Washington D.C. It is made up of people in the building industry who share a common interest in environmental design. The U.S. Green Building Council believes that environmentally responsible building is good for both the planet and the economy. They issue the LEED certifications to buildings which meet certain standards for sustainable building. The LEED certification is the gold standard of environmental certifications.

Forest Steward Council

The Forest Steward Council is a non-profit organization based out of Minneapolis. Their mission is to protect forests and they set standards for certification for forest related issues. To maintain a balance, they are organized along environmental, economic and social lines.

Building Green

Building Green is a private company founded in 1992 that seeks to encourage the construction industry to be a force for environmental sustainability. They do so by providing expertise and research on green building to the construction industry. They provide expert speakers, publish reports, model sustainable practices and more.

Built Green Santa Barbara

Built Green Santa Barbara is a group of people from the building and design industries concerned with environmental standards being met in all aspects of construction. They offer a check list system that builders can use to make sure that their structures are environmentally friendly.

Energy Star Program

Energy Star is a program run by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. It seeks to provide incentives for all types of people to save money and protect the climate through using energy more efficiently. Participation in the Energy Star program is voluntary. The program offers a wide range of certifications, recommendations, standards, etc. for all aspects of energy use from the use of personal computers to building and construction.


Hayward Lumber esteems themselves as an environmentally conscious company, setting a standard for responsible building. Happy to be a part of all these green programs, Hayward Lumber looks forward to applying these sustainable building standards to your next project.