Why Should You Upgrade Your Windows?

Many commercial buildings back in the day used tinted glass products to reduce solar heat gain in windows. Products like these reduce the amount of visible light, which in turn can lead to an increase in the amount of unnatural light, which uses more energy and can give some people headaches after long periods, depending on the type of lighting used. It would be of great benefit to society if time and effort were put towards the potential savings of daylight.

The industry has discovered that there is some growth in the use of spectrally selective glass. Spectrally selective glass is a specific kind of glass that has unique properties to block or radiate IR energy from the sun. This removes solar gain from the window without blocking the incoming light with a tint, therefore preserving a higher level of visible light.

Improve Energy Efficiency
Most people often forget that windows are not just an added feature to a home or a building. They hold a special purpose and are always performing for our benefit. The sun provides plenty of free heat and light, and it’s the window’s job to let it into the house. If it is cold outside and you don’t want to use your heat because the bill is too high, it may be to your benefit to open the blinds and let the sun warm your home. Windows affect the flow of heat throughout your home and you may be able to save some money.
In addition to this, it has been proven from the DOC that most home owners spend roughly $1500-2500 on energy bills and it is mostly from heating and cooling their homes. It is imperative to use the NFRC label to ensure the standards of the buildings energy codes and can reduce their costs by improving the performance of their windows. Keep in mind that some utility companies offer rebates for home improvements on new windows. It would be to a homeowners benefit to inquire about this offer with their local utility company. Ask if they about their rebates and what products are included.

Improve Comfort
Low-quality windows can be detrimental to your homes energy efficiency. The furnace may have to struggle to compensate for the heat that bleeds out through the windows. There are many physical changes in the air and can create cold drafts to move throughout your home. It is important to remember that your heat is working harder to warm the area at the same time. The harder your heater works and the more you have to use it, the higher the resulting energy payment. Look into windows and doors for your home with lower U-factor ratings. This can reduce the effects and lower your energy bills. All in all, it is important to have a home that you can be proud of and get the most use out of. There are plenty of quality window manufacturers that Hayward works with. You want to remain comfortable in your own home, so what do you have to lose?